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    Bloom Blog

    3 video picks

    3 video picks

    Lots of great content came out last week from guys on the team. To start, congrats to Mike Cappola & Sam Zahner on joining Jiberish:-----

    Steamboat local Payton McElhinney just dropped his season edit. Crazy how much he has progressed over these past couple years - he really perfected a lot of his tricks this season:


    Mons Hoel has it made. He spends the winter skiing in Norway and then just heads to the glacier in the summer to continuing skiing. Sure shows in his season edit:

    OG Upward Pant

    OG Upward Pant

    The OG Upward pant was the very first pant we ever produced. We only have 6 pairs left in stock - going for $49. Check 'em out here

    Freed - the mastermind behind Hoodcrew - getting a bit reckless in the Upward Pant


    The first Bloom commercial ever made by our friend Kjell featuring Bloom founder & designer Jim in the Upward Pant

    Shout out to our customers

    Shout out to our customers

    There is nothing better than seeing customers make use of our gear. Its always a reminder why we are in this business - to serve the skiing community! Got a lot of love for our supporters ❤️

    Have some cool shots in your own Bloom gear? Send 'em over! jim@bloomouterwear.com

    mens bib ski pant bloom outerwear

    Nico making use of our midnite bib pant overseas in Europe. P: Filip Pobocik

    Caden reppin' our upward pant in khaki. Lots of variety in this edit dude! 

    Watercolor ft. Rob Bittner

    Watercolor ft. Rob Bittner


    I spent the weekend tinkering with After Effects - a video editing software. My intention was to create a short, watercolor-like clip showcasing the skiing of Robert Bittner, who is seen here in the Finn Jacket and Midnite Bibs

     Bittner's setup

    Robert Bittner Bloom Outerwear Mens bib ski pant mens ski jacket

    Bittner 5'10" // xl finn jacket & bib pant

    Finn Jacket - lightweight, 15k rated, great for spring

     The Bloom bibs - bombproof, ripstop fabric. 20k rated. Oversized [sandwich] pocket. 17" adjustment range on suspenders.