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    Warranty Info

    Our warranty policy solely applies to the original purchaser. Items bought through a secondary party are not eligible for coverage. Warranty returns must be supported by original proof of purchase. Warranty coverage expires 1 year from purchase date.

    What's covered?

    Any damage caused by a manufacturing defect or poor quality of workmanship:

    • Faulty Stitching
    • Missing components (velcro, buttons, liner, etc.)
    • Broken zipper
    • Incorrect stitching

    What's not covered?

    Any damage caused by the user:

    • Rips in fabric from snagging on trees/sharp objects
    • Damage to zippers/buttons caused by excessive pressure/weight (for example, slamming your jacket zipper in a car door)
    • Damage to fabric from sliding across any surface
    • Ripped seams caused by intense pressure/strain

    What's the process?

    Please send items back to Bloom Outerwear with original proof of purchase:

    Bloom Outerwear
    PO BOX 559 
    WOLCOTT, CO 81655

    Upon receiving your shipment, we will inspect your item to determine if damage was caused by the user or a manufacturing defect. If it appears that your goods are compromised due to a defect, we will provide you with a replacement of the ordered item, no questions asked.